Your Complete Guide To Yoga


Your Complete Guide To Yoga

All you need to know about Yoga including how to become a yoga instructor to how to set up your home yoga exercise room.
Discover How Yoga Can Improve Your Life.
Are You just feeling plain unhealthy? THEN you need this free report today. Discover the easy way to get started with Yoga today.


A Quick Overview of the History of Yoga 4
Balancing Life and Work 6
Becoming a Yoga Instructor 8
How to Get Your Yoga Instructor Certification 8
Why Become a Yoga Instructor? 8
Requirements 9
Costs of Yoga Training: 9
Yoga and Pregnancy11
Yoga and Pregnancy Safety 11
Benefits of Yoga While Pregnant 12
Recommended Prenatal Yoga Poses 12
Yoga Help during Menstruation and Dealing with Pain 15
Yoga Trips & Vacations 18
Considerations for Choosing a Yoga Retreat 18
Yoga Clothing 19
How to Choose Clothes for Yoga 19
Yoga Clothes What to Wear 20
How to Buy Yoga Clothing 21
The Bare Basics 21
Yoga for Beginners 23
What is Yoga All About? 23
Benefits of Yoga 24
Better Breathing Techniques 25
Where and How to Practice Yoga 25
Yoga Poses for Beginners 26
Yoga and Pilates 28
Yoga and Pilates What They Have in Common 28
Yoga Asanas 30
Using Yoga Postures to Better Your Lifestyle 30
Basic Yoga Postures and Some Easy Variations 31
Types of Yoga 34
The Nine Styles of Yoga 34
Yoga Types Quick Guide to the Different Types of Yoga 35
Yoga for Kids 37
Benefits of Yoga for Kids 37
How to Teach Kids Yoga 37
Yoga Equipment for Kids 38
How to Possibly Reduce Your Asthma Attacks with Yoga 38
Yoga Exercise at Home 40
Yoga at Home How to Get Started with Your Yoga Workout 40
Yoga for Weight Loss 42
How to Perform a Sun Salutation: 42
Yoga for Meditation 45
Tips for Meditating: 45



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