Viral Marketing Frenzy


Viral Marketing Frenzy

A force so powerful, it cannot be stopped.

Tired of getting no traffic, no sales, no leads?... Its' time to let the virus free method.

Stop Spending Money On Hit-or-Miss Advertising Methods That Don't Deliver...
“It's Time You Made The Call And RELEASED The Most Powerful traffic Force On Earth!...”
...So POWERFUL That You Could NOT Stop It EVEN If You Tried!

So how do YOU win more traffic where so many others have tried and failed?

Word of is by far the most effective way to get word out about your site.

It sounds so easy...but HOW can I get a flood of traffic to come to my site?

viral marketing IS NOT as effortless as it looks!

But what if, instead of relying on YOUR OWN LIST, you can LEVERAGE on other people’s list?

The Power Of...EXPONENTIAL Growth!

Learn Viral Marketing from the Ground Up

Viral Marketing Is A Perfect Business Model!

Use the Power of the Internet to
Grow Your Business EXPOENTIALLY!

This quick-read, lay-it-on-the-line guide gives you all the basics to help you get your viral campaign rolling. It covers things like:

7 techniques for finding out exactly what your customers are looking for - give them what they want and they'll be eager to share your product with their friends!
6 fun ways to get your readers to do your advertising work for you - and how rewarding them doesn't have to cost you a dime!
How to use a bestseller list to get the word out about your product or service - even if there isn't a list around, and even if you're not on it.
How to take advantage of social networks - learn which ones work for viral campaigns, and which to stay away from.
How even free products can earn you money - choose from a variety of models to monetize your viral campaign, and watch the money roll in along with the traffic!
Free products are the key to every successful viral campaign. Free information, free software, or just free entertainment. The important thing is that it's free for your users to enjoy. In this eBook we'll cover exactly how you can take your free product and turn it into the centerpiece of your viral campaign.
How to find out exactly what content your customers want and need. Don't just guess what they want to hear! When you know for sure what your potential customers are looking for, it's easy to build a viral marketing plan that will give them what they're looking for, and make more sales for you!
How to promote your product for maximum effectiveness. Getting the word out in the right places is imperitive to your success, so you don't want to waste time and effort on ineffective techniques that won't make you any sales.
Leveraging the resources of other marketers - Building a JV partnership might just be the rock that gets the landslide going!
Why it's important to offer great free content - and how to put together a valuable product quickly and easily
Why your campaign must be unique - and how simply being yourself will solve the problem
The strategy behind getting more traffic without paying more money – once you get the ball rolling, there don’t need to be additional costs.
Amazing strategies that will bring free traffic to your site years after the advertising campaign has ended.
Protect yourself from complaints and negative comments. Build a buffer that shields your good reputation.
Find customers you didn’t even know existed – Viral messages spread to every “hidden” niche on the web.
The truth behind marketers promises to make your marketing go viral – learn what they can and cannot guarantee.
Learn the secret to getting customers to return over and over again – build a fiercely loyal customer base.
“Free” will not always bring more customers – discover the tricks that will catch the interest of picky consumers.
You can put your “brand” in front of thousands of eyes – before they even go to your site.
Secrets that make it easy for your visitors to tell others – This one secret can make your message spread like wildfire.
You can get other websites to advertise for you…for free – and they are glad to do it!
Discover the tricks that will move your site higher on Google – Learn why Google likes some sites better than others.
Learn how becoming an expert in your niche will bring people to your website – gain the trust of your customers, and they will listen to what you have to say.
You can get other people to drive traffic to your website – and only pay them for the items that sell.
Get your message out, even when your customers are not online – and get them to remember you the next time they are online.
Why referrals from friends and family are so powerful.
How to turn visitors into your own marketing network.
How to attract customers that want to buy your product.
How to turn yourself into an expert in your niche.
How one site earned $1 Million with an idea no one thought would work.
Why some techniques go viral while others just sit there.

Here's a full run-down of this course...

• Day 1: Create a Compelling Squeeze Page
• Day 2: Create a Freebie to Encourage Prospects to Join Your List
• Day 3: Create Your Autoresponder Series
• Day 4: How to Avoid Freebie Seekers

• Day 5: Where to Find Potential JV Partners
• Day 6: How to Approach Potential Partners With an Irresistible Offer
• Day 7: How to Create an Affiliate Program that Attracts Super Affiliates
• Day 8: Where to Find Super Affiliates
• Day 9: How to Approach Affiliates

• Day 10: Using On-Page Optimization to Pull in Search Engine Traffic
• Day 11: Using Off-Page Optimization Tactics to Boost Your Rankings
• Day 12: Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing

• Day 13: How to Write a Good Article
• Day 14: How to Write a Resource Box That Gets Clicks
• Day 15: Submit Your Articles to Article Directories
• Day 16: Grow Your List with Blogging
• Day 17: Post Articles on Web 2.0 Content Sites

• Day 18: How to Get Traffic Using Articles and Yahoo! Answers
• Day 19: How to Build Your List Using Articles and Forum Marketing
• Day 20: How to Use Video Marketing to Grow Your List

• Day 21: How to Kick Start Your Viral Marketing
• Day 22: Using Contest Giveaways to Grow Your List
• Day 23: How to Use JV Giveaways to Grow Your List Fast
• Day 24: How to Use Quizzes to Build Your List
• Day 25: Using Petitions to Create Viral Traffic and Build Your List

• Day 26: How to Create Ebooks and Reports That Go Viral
• Day 27: How to Create Videos that Go Viral
• Day 28: How to Create Tools and Other Content that Goes Viral

• Day 29: Using Social Networking Sites to Build Your List
• Day 30: Driving Traffic Using Social Bookmarking Sites
• Day 31: Building a List Using Free Classified Ads

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[YES] Can sell personal rights
[YES] Can sell basic resell rights
[YES] Can sell master resell rights
[NO] Can sell rebranding rights
[NO] Can sell private label rights
[NO] Can give away for free in any format
– however you may give a few chapters away for sampling/list-building

[YES] Can be added to paid memberships
[YES] Can be sold on auction sites
[YES] Can be sold in fire sales
[NO] Can be sold in dime sale events

[YES] Can add your name and additional copy-writing to improve sale letter
[NO] Can be edited packaged/repacked with other products
[NO] Can edit the mini-site graphics
[NO] Can claim authorship
[NO] Can claim copyrights

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