Viking Product Launching ( Videos & Audios )


Viking Product Launching ( Videos & Audios )

The difference between a buyers list and a freebie-seeker list is night and day. One makes you money and the other makes you angry.

So how do you get a buyers list?

Easy. You launch a product and you get affiliates to send traffic to it. Then you simply integrate your payment platform with your autoresponder service so that buyers get added as subscribers automatically. Donít worry. Itís not as crazy as it sounds and, more importantly, itís the only way youíll move forward in internet marketing.

Now we should note that this guide assumes youíve already got a core product created. Itís okay if you donít have a sales structure set up yet, such as sales pages, a funnel, or a memberís area, because weíll cover all that next.

But at a minimum weíre assuming youíve already got a product created, whether it be an eBook, a video course, or a software tool. If you havenít created a product yet, just grab our Product Creation guide which will have you cranking out digital products in no time.

Sales Page : none
eCover : Yes
File type : MP4 videos, MP3 audios, PDF, DOC, PowerPoint, follow up emails
Rights : RR & BR - Standard Resale Rights & Brandabe
File size : 592 MB

You MAY resell this product as is.
You MAY give it away in return for a lead.
You MAY add it to a free membership site (only if opt-ins are required in order to access the membership site).
You MAY add it to a paid membership site.
You MAY use it as a bonus for a paid offer.
You MAY package it together with a paid offer.
You MAY also repurpose this content, change the title, the cover, add your name as the author, use the audio separately, remove the audio and add your own voice over, use the text as a blog post or article, or literally anything you want.

You MAY NOT Sell resell rights for this product.
You MAY NOT Sell master resell rights for this product.
You MAY NOT Sell PLR rights for this product.

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