Viking LinkedIn Marketing ( Videos & Audios )


Viking LinkedIn Marketing ( Videos & Audios )

LinkedIn isn’t just for helping you recruit top talent or finding your dream job, but is a powerful means of organic B2B marketing. You can of course leverage paid marketing on LinkedIn, but even with paid marketing every business needs to invest in building their organic presence. Just as with other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a global site—which is an effective means of growing your business well beyond your local service area. While B2B marketing is the most effective, don’t discount LinkedIn for B2C.

LinkedIn is a site dedicated to professional so the mindset when joining, posting, searching, and networking is quite unique when compared to Facebook or Twitter. While the site may not be as saturated, that is something you can use to your advantage. Users join and log in for professional purposes, meaning you have a built-in captive audience. Just take a look at some of the stats.

There are over 467 million users in over 200 countries around the world. Yup you heard that right. The US has the largest number of users, followed by India, Brazil, Great Britain, and Canada. LinkedIn is available in over 24 languages. There are 1.5 million professional LinkedIn Groups in hundreds of industries.

57% of users are male and 44% are female. 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn. 13% of users are between the ages of 15 and 34—including over 40 million students and recent college grads. 94% of online marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. 71% of professionals believe LinkedIn is a credible source for professional content. 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. 46% of B2B social media traffic comes from LinkedIn.

So obviously, LinkedIn is the perfect place to market your business. Next, we’ll talk about establishing marketing goals.

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