Venture Capital Secrets (eBook & Audios)


Venture Capital Secrets (eBook & Audios)

Master Resell Rights
Learn How You Too Can Get Access To Top Secret Sources Of Funding & Start Up Financing That Will Make Your Business Idea A Reality!

Table Of Contents from this amazing e-book..
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Learning from failure
Reasons for business failure
Outside business conditions
Inside business conditions

Chapter 2 - Basic Knowledge
Necessary technical skills
Direct Internet sales
Affiliate marketing
Internet traffic

Chapter 3 - Delegation
Programmers and web designers
Financial experts
Business mentors
Virtual assistants
Content writers
Other services
Your focus
Poor sales
Unexpected high demand

Chapter 4 - To Do Lists
Planning your day
Two types of lists
Some sample lists
List for establishing legal small business
List for creating website
List for creating product or service
Long-range planning
Going high tech

Chapter 5 - Time Management
Your work schedule
A standard schedule
Flexible schedules
Setting goals
Setting priorities
Keep things organized
Learn to say "No"
Chapter 6 - Avoid Time Guzzlers
Employees or contract workers
School organizations
Online and electronic distractions

Chapter 7 - Modeling
Who needs role models?
Where to find role models
Professional contacts
Small business network groups
Personal coaches
Famous people
How to use mentors
Do your own work
For Internet marketing

Chapter 8 - Project Management
The project plan
Project plan templates
Schedule planning
Key tasks
Clarifying sub tasks
Identifying and achieving milestones
Keeping track of resources
Don't have the time?

Chapter 9 - Monthly Goal Checks
Collect the data
Plot trends
Your bottom line
Evaluate your image and service
Converting visitors to customers

Chapter 10 - Conclusion

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