Total Body Weight Transformation ( ebook + videos )


Total Body Weight Transformation ( ebook + videos )

Discover how to build muscle and burn fat with no gyms, equipment, or complicated exercises.

Chapter 1 Introduction 3
The Many Benefits of Bodyweight Training 3
What You Will Learn 5
Chapter 2 Why Your Old Workouts Failed 7
Chapter 3 The SSE Workout – Super Simple and Effective! 9
The Workout 9
Why This Works 10
Variations 12
Chapter 4 How to Build BIG Muscle With Bodyweight Training 13
The Science of Hypertrophy 13
Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy 14
Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy 14
Building Strength 15
Making Sense of the Science 15
Using Intensity Techniques to Build Muscle With Bodyweight Moves 17
Split for Bodyweight Muscle Building: Push, Pull, Legs 18
Chapter 5 Burn Fat, Build Strength and Improve Your Health 19
Burning Fat With Bodyweight Training 19
The Workouts 20
HIIT and Tabata 21
Training for Strength 22
Training for Health 23
Chapter 6 The Sticking Point – Biceps 24
Bicep Exercises With No Need for Equipment 24
Dynamic Tension and Dynamic Self Resistance 25
Chapter 7 A Glossary of Exercises 26
Push Up/Dip/Handstand Variations 26
Sit Up and Lower Back Variations 28
Pull Up Variations 29
Lower Body Variations 30
Equipment Worth Investing In (And Getting Creative) 31
Chapter 8 Conclusion 32

There are 10 video parts in this upgrade video pack :
Video#1 Introductiong
Video#2 Why your old workouts failed
Video#3 The SSE workout super simple and effective
Video#4 How to build big muscle with bodyweight training
Video#5 Making sense of the science
Video#6 Burning fat with bodyweight training
Video#7 Burn fat, build strength and improve your health
Video#8 The sticking point - BICEPS
Video#9 A glossary of exercises
Video#10 Conclusion

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