The Entrepreneur Code


The Entrepreneur Code

Life-changing habits to help you succeed.
Fifty essential traits and beliefs of top entrepreneurs.

Table of Contents
Introduction 7
Chapter 1: Health & Fitness 9
Habit 1: They get up early 11
Habit 2: They work out consistently 11
Habit 3: They eat right 11
Habit 4: They equate fitness with success 12
Habit 5: They get rid of bad habits 12
Habit 6: They get professional help 12
Chapter 2: Professional Goals 13
Habit 7: They write down their goals 14
Habit 8: They work on them nearly every day 15
Habit 9: They arenít afraid to dream big 15
Habit 10: They donít allow setbacks to keep them down for long 16
Habit 11: They never give up on their dream 16
Habit 12: They do things that others wonít 16
Habit 13: They are flexible enough to adjust their goals when needed 17
Habit 14: They donít procrastinate 17
Habit 15: They do more than what is expected of them 18
Chapter 3: Personal Development 19
Habit 16: They read a lot of books 20
Habit 17: They teach themselves new things 21
Habit 18: They focus on educating themselves, not getting an education 21
Habit 19: They are aware of their shortcomings 21
Habit 20: They improve a little every day 22
Habit 21: They hold themselves accountable 22
Chapter 4: Spirituality 23
Habit 22: They spend time in contemplation 24
Habit 23: They give money to worthy causes 24
Habit 24: They take their own path 25
Habit 25: They develop a solid code of ethics 25
Habit 26: They are open to inspiration 26
Chapter 5: Financial Habits 27
Habit 27: They make a budget and stick to it 28
Habit 28: They put away more than 10% 28
Habit 29: They keep their credit history pristine 29
Habit 30: They know the value of good help 29
Habit 31: They automate bill pay whenever possible 30
Habit 32: They keep records of everything 30
Habit 33: They cultivate multiple income streams 30
Chapter 6: Personal Relationships 32
Habit 34: They donít mind sharing themselves with others 33
Habit 35: They make family a priority 34
Habit 36: They build relationships with like-minded people 34
Habit 37: They build the right team 34
Habit 38: They are kind to others 35
Habit 39: They avoid negative people 35
Habit 40: They listen to people 35
Chapter 7: Creative Outlets 37
Habit 41: They keep a journal 38
Habit 42: They find hobbies that they enjoy 39
Habit 43: They choose jobs they are passionate about 39
Habit 44: They branch out creatively 39
Habit 45: They donít deprive themselves of fun 40
Habit 46: They arenít afraid to be eccentric 40
Chapter 8: Community Involvement 41
Habit 47: They support important causes 42
Habit 48: They inspire others to get involved 43
Habit 49: They volunteer for things 43
Habit 50: They get to know their neighbors 44

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