Stop Smoking - Kick The Habit Now


Stop Smoking - Kick The Habit Now

Now You Can Quit Smoking And Start Living a Healthy Life – Yes, You!

Have You Ever Thought There’s No Way You Can Give Up Cigarettes Without Losing Your Mind? Well, Worry No More – Here’s The Answer!

Some Say There’s No Hope, But I Know There Is!

Begin The Process Now – Start D own The Road Toward Being Smoke Free!

Smoke-Free Means Stress Free – Eventually!


Table of Contents

Introduction 3
The Reality of Smoking 6
What Happens to Your Body When You Smoke 14
What Happens to Your Body When You Quit 16
How to Quit 20
Why Smoke at All 24
Why Is It So Hard to Quit 32
Secondhand Smoke 35
Getting Started 37
Combating Cravings 44
Going Cold Turkey 49
How NOT to Gain Weight 50
What to Do When Around Smokers 54
Getting Family Support 58
Handling a Relapse 60
Nicotine Replacement Therapy 61
Resources 64
Qualities of Successful Quitters 65
The Best Reasons to Quit 67
Quotes for Success 70
Conclusion 72


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