Social Media Overdrive


Social Media Overdrive

Do You Want To Increase Website Traffic, Explode Your Sales Volumes, And Get More Hungry Buyers Beating The Path To Your Website With Money In Hands?

"Discover The Best Type Of Traffic Of The Century That You Ever Deserve And How To Get Them For Next To Nothing... GUARANTEED!"

It's The Start Of The 21st Century And We're Living In The Most Exciting Times. What You Know 3 Years Ago Can Be Quickly Rendered Obsolete Today.

Anyone With A Website Must Read On To Find Out How They Can Start Applying An "Overdrive" Method Of Getting Buyer's Traffic To Their Websites Starting Today...

Most of this methods cost absolutely NEXT TO NOTHING (or completely NOTHING) to start... and even run!

"Introducing Social Media Overdrive..."

The New Wave Of Web 2.0 Traffic Generation Strategies, Methods And Tactics To Send A Horde Of Hungry Buyers To Your Website At The Expense Of Nothing!


MODULE 01: Social Media Overdrive Exposed!

The introductory module gives you the overview on how social media has made a deep impact on the Internet and changes the landscape for many marketers online.

If you are going to be successful in driving in massive traffic and getting targeted buyers to your website using these excellent web 2.0 strategies, you must be ready to lead the pack and be on top of the game!

Discover how you can optimize your social media strategies to bring in the BEST results!

Why Social Media traffic is better than conventional traffic methods - it is these differences that separate the winners and the losers.

How to tap into UNLIMITED traffic potential!

How to use traffic strategies that can let you compete with the big dogs but only at a smaller expense you can easily afford!

Going to the future or living in the past? Deadly strategies you can use from freely available web 2.0 sites to instantly tap into a pool of hot prospects in any hot niche!

And much more!


MODULE 02: Facebook

What's better than joining the universal network of more than 200 million people (and still growing) in one place on the Internet?! is the most popular and leading social networking website online.

And no doubt, many small to medium enterprises (and heck, even big companies and celebrities) are secretly cashing in on Facebook even though signing up is FREE!

The 4 step approach to creating an attractive profile! You're not going to do another boring "I'm a marketer salesman let me show you how to make money online" profile crap - I show you the best type of profile you can craft so you wouldn't come across as a "typical sales man" (nobody likes them) yet become a money magnet!

THE MINIMALIST APPROACH CONCEPT: why so many people waste time trying to figure out how to make money on Facebook and how you can avoid it. In the end, I will be showing you how to take the Minimalist Approach so you spend less time on Facebook while your profile markets you and your products on autopilot!

How to quickly build your friends list from 0 to 500!

4 results-oriented techniques to get targeted traffic from Facebook!

2 "must have" applications to DOUBLE your traffic and exposure!

And much more!


MODULE 03: Twitter started to grow exponentially as a micro-blogging tool for bloggers and many other Internet users in 2008.

And things skyrocketed since then! At this time of writing, it is estimated that has a list of 6 million users and still growing!

The beauty of Twitter is in its simplicity and allowing people to post in 140 characters max. on one simple question: "what are you doing now?"

How to start your attractive Twitter profile in just minutes!

Where to get free customized Twitter profile background for FREE!

Secret trade to getting followers for your Twitter account on a 30-50% success rate!

CHEAT TOOL REVEALED! Secret software tool lets experts grow 5-figure followers on Twitter!

How to build a solid relationship with your Twitter followers so you can market products easily and spread your ideas to be accepted quickly

And much more!


MODULE 04: YouTube

Video marketing is getting hot and hotter.

And if you're not using any elements of video marketing in your business, you are forfeiting this advantage to your competitors.

Now video creation and video marketing is no longer a big barrier and I will show you how to use the Internet's no. 1 online streaming video site to market yourself to the max!

Here's what you will learn:

3 quick and easy ways to produce your own YouTube video even if you're not an expert or haven't recorded a video in your life before! I know of non-experts who have created their own video from scratch without prior experience and if they can do it, so can you!

4 types of YouTube videos you can make - not all videos are equal. Some types of YouTube videos are suitable for certain objectives. I give you all the available options so you can make your own choice.

How to create your own YouTube videos using other people's videos... easily and legally!

How to use YouTube to drive traffic to your websites!

And much more!


MODULE 05: Squidoo Lens

Everyone is an expert at something. And that is what founder of, Seth Godin, believes. is a Web 2.0 website that lets users easily create web pages called "lenses" or any subject that interest you.

In other words, you can create a lens page on just about anything under the sun!

Creating your own lens on has its rewards: it has high search engine rankings and Page Rank (PR) value on Google and other major search engines like Yahoo! and MSN.

You don't need to know HTML so you can easily make your own page on Squidoo! In this module, I walk you through the steps to make your own lens page in minutes so you can get easy highly valuable backlinks, increase your website search engine rankings, and above all... get easy, recurring traffic for a few minutes of work done only once!


MODULE 06: Podcasting

You may have heard of podcasting but might not know what it is if you're new to the world of online media marketing.

Principally speaking, the more senses you appeal to a person the receptive the person is to information!

Nowadays, it's harder to communicate with a person just using text and images. And this is where audio marketing comes in the form of podcasting!

3-step podcasting strategy to spread content and your message more effectively to a pool of targeted listeners!

How to crank out your own audio content in 3 easy steps - even if you've never enrolled in a public speaking course or toastmaster's club before!

What you can learn from successful radio advertisements to DOUBLE your sales, DOUBLE your conversion!

How to use audio content to drive in targeted traffic!

And much, much more!


MODULE 07: Blogging & RSS

If you want to get your latest blog content distributed all over the Internet and get the exposure you've always dreamed of, the answer is finally here.

It's all called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). In this module, I cut through all the fluff and you will get all the actionable steps planned out in just a few minutes of this audio course.

Wouldn't that be good or good?

Experience traffic overdrive with RSS marketing like you never knew before!

How to draw visitors to your blog without using extra effort on additional content. I suspect this would kill excessive article marketing strategies (which are old, boring and tiring) in the long run!

Top 4 places to submit your feeds to and get massive exposure!

And much, much more!



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