Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

Make $997 sales as a social media manager.

Sitting home all day glued to the laptop screen, constantly tweeting and refreshing your Facebook page?

Who Else Wants To Discover The Elusively Simple Method To Cash In FAT $997 Checks From Your ‘Idle Time’ On Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn!

Since August 2010, A New Opportunity Emerged And Becoming A ‘Manager’ Of This Kind Has Never Been So Easy And Rewardingly Profitable You Have To See It To Believe It!

Guide To Becoming The Next Social Media Manager… And Start Cashing In Fat $997 Checks From The Newest, Most Profitable Trend Of The 21st Century!

Is It Possible For A Young Person Like Me – With No Previous Working Experience – To Be A Qualified Social Media Manager?


Here’s What You Can Learn:

Module #1: Introduction

* Understanding social media and the booming benefits it can bring to your business

* Promising statistics of the growing social media trend

* Discover the upcoming job opportunities for a Social Media Manager

* Get to know what kind of customers you should target and where you can find them


Module #2: Overview of a Social Media Manager

* Grasp the roles of a professional who monitors the social media 24/7 for business leads

* Equip yourself with the criteria to be a social media manager – skills and requirements, without even needing prior working experience!


Module #3: The 3 Main Services A Social Media Manager Provides

* The 3 essential main services a social media manager provides (detailed step-by-step manual to be your guide and companion)


Module #4: Pricing Your Social Media Service

* How to strategically price your services… which can lead to a win-win situation for both the company which hires you and yourself!

* Different pricing strategies for different skills which you can charge, and look to multiply your salary!


Module #5: How Do You Outsource Your Social Media Tasks?

* Ways you should outsource your tasks as a social media manager for efficiency and effectiveness

* How to manage your own team to be productive

* Appropriate places to find employees to hire (I’m giving you links to guaranteed websites to guide you!)

* Where to find your social media clients


Module #6: Growing The Social Media Business

* Ways to nurture your social media business such that it constantly grows… to keep your clients coming back for more!

* A chance to obtain huge profits as a social media manager, don’t miss out of this opportunity just at its’ infancy stage, so you can stay way ahead of your competitors!


Module #7: Attributes Of Highly Successful Social Media Manager

* Successful people have a set of personalities that carries with them and there are no exception for Social Media Managers

* Learn a set of mindset and qualities a highly successful social media manager needs to have


Module #8: Essential Tools For Social Media Manager

* Discover these cool tools that could help you automate your social media task and make you work more efficiently



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