Smart Marketing Stories


Smart Marketing Stories

"A Collection of Little-Known Smart Marketing Stories and Examples"

1 Introduction 2 Goals Of This Section 3. First Hand Experience 1 3a. Humber Beginnings 3b. Where’d Everyone Go? 3c. Miss Information Is Ripe 3d. The Non Doers 3e. Your Ideas Are Being Stolen As You Read This 3f. The Doers And The (Almost) Winners 3g. Improving And Learning 3h. Watch And Listen 3i. 2 Ways To Almost Guarantee Your Success 4. Summary 5. Goals Of This Section 6. First Hand Experience 2 6a.When Jv’s Go Horribly Wrong 6b. JV’s From The Other Side 6c. The Dreaded JV Approach 6d. The Question On Our Lips When You Approach Us 6e. 3 Important Tips 6f. How This Manual Came To Exist 6g. Time Is Money. How Much Are You Wasting?
6h. Adapt To Survive 6i. Why Deadlines Are Bad 6j. JV Approaches, A Timescale. 7. Summary

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