Smart Funnel Blueprint ( videos )


Smart Funnel Blueprint ( videos )

Learn how to properly set up this smart sales funnel so you can sift the serious buyers from the non-serious buyers.

Video #1: Introduction to Smart Sales Funnels

In this video, youíre going to be given a quick overview of the video course itself so that you understand how it all works and what tools you will need to get started.

Video #2: The Typical Funnel: Donít Follow The Crowd

In this video, we will examine the typical sales funnel that everybody else is doing and why you should avoid doing it.

Video #3: Common Mistakes

Now itís time to focus in on the most common mistakes that dilute the quality of a customer-based list. Youíll also learn a specific formula that you can apply to your OTO funnel to make sure that you increase your sales and focus on the right things.

Video #4: What You Should Do

Next, youíll discover what you should be doing to segment your premium buyers from your regular buyers.

Video #5: Smart OTO 2.0

In this video, you will learn how to apply a higher-converting one-time offer strategy which we call OTO 2.0. You will learn why this is so much more powerful, how it will help you figure out who your premium buyers are, and how to segment them into their own list. You also get to see a mindmap of how all this works so that you can apply this in your own business.

Video #6: Technology Roadblock

Most current systems and shopping carts offer the typical one-time offer layout rather than the one-time offer that we are speaking about. Youíll learn which shopping carts to use so that you can begin to apply the knowledge that we have given you to double or even quadruple your sales.

Video #7: How to setup your Smart OTO 2.0

Using the tools that we share with you, youíll get to see a live step-by-step how to create a smart OTO to point. Donít worry if you are a technophobe, because as long as you can follow the video step-by-step and click by click, you will be able to implement this in no time.

Video #8: Integration into WordPress (free plugin)

In this video, you will be shown how to access a free WordPress membership plug-in that will allow you to set up your very own membership site and integrated it into the smart OTO 2.0 system.

Video #9: Profit Checkout Bumps

How would you like to add more sales to your checkout page with what we call profit checkout bumps? In this video, you will be able to uncover the secret to quadrupling your sales on your checkout page using the same tools that we used to set up the smart OTO 2.0.

Interested in how to create a sales funnel that allows you to create a long-term,high-converting list? Everything you need to know is right here in this video course!

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