SEO For Newbies Videos (Training 4 Newbies)


SEO For Newbies Videos (Training 4 Newbies)

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Finally, Big-Dog Search Engine Optimization Secrets Revealed! All In A Video Course So Simple, Straight Forward And Quick It
Works For Newbies & Pros Alike...

Do It Right And Start Driving Targeted Traffic from the Search Engines Today!

Get The Competitive Advantage You Need For Success In Today's Internet Marketing Battle!
These powerful videos that will take you by the hand and show you 'not just how to start', but right through to how to finish by driving targeted traffic to your Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing & Niche Marketing Web Sites And Blogs!

Are you...

Confused because you don't know where to start or even where targeted traffic comes from?

Sick of failing to make it to the top 10 in the search engine rankings?

Yearning to know specific methods you can use to drive targeted traffic to your website?

Wanting to know how to stop wasting time or money driving the wrong traffic to your website?

Video 1 - What Is SEO?

Describes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a whole and it will allow you to see the entire SEO process within a new light and scope. Also a quick introduction to the materials on the following 9 SEO videos in the SEO For Newbies package.

Video 2 - Understanding Search Engines & How They Work...

This is where you begin to sink your teeth into real SEO tactics. You will undergo a crash course in how search engines work, and the various ways your websites & blogs get into their databases.

Video 3 - Top Search Engine Myths Revealed!

There is a lot of false SEO information floating around the web, and it's easy to get misled. This video will expose the top SEO myths so you can better separate SEO facts from SEO fiction!

Video 4 - 5 Steps To Improving Your SEO Right Now!

Take all the knowledge gathered so far and put it into practice. This is the chapter that teaches you how to effectively use these SEO tactics to improve your website's ranking or SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position).

Video 5 - How to Get Listed In The Search Engines Within Days!

Will give you insight into ways you can get listed into Google or other search engines within a few days. It's easy with these few methods and they are all White Hat methods, meaning they follow the proper usage guidelines. At this point this means getting listed, but not usually on the first page - yet...

Video 6 - Submitting Your Sites To The Search Engines For Free!

This will shed some light on how submitting your site to many search engines is beneficial, but of course is not the way to get your site to the top of the first-page results.

Video 7 - Time To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings!

You will learn about SERP's (Search Engine Ranking Position) and how you can raise your SERP's. Given that there are so many SEO techniques available, you will learn how to focus your energy on the most effective SEO tactics & techniques to get the best results from your SEO strategies.

Video 8 - Search Engine PageRank Explained...

PageRank is used mainly by Google as a measurement tool for ranking web pages. The concept of Page Rank is explained and you will learn what it means, what I can do and what it can't. You will also be shown where you can check your Search Engine PageRank or your competitor's PageRanks.

Video 9 - Keywords & Keyword Strategies For SEO

Keywords are highly important in the world of Search Engines. You will learn why they are so important to search engines and your SEO efforts, and most importantly you will be shown what tools are out there to help you dig out good keywords and measure your keyword density for free.

Video 10 - Five Free Ways To Get Traffic From Search Engines!

In the final video you will be shown 5 methods that will highlight systems you can put into place that will begin to drive more and more targeted traffic to your websites & blogs. Used with the SEO secrets revealed in the other 9 SEO For Newbies videos, these tactics sill all start to merge into a cohesive, sustainable & highly-effective SEO strategy to ensure maximum results from your Search Engine Optimization activities!

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