Never Say Later


Never Say Later

How to stop putting things off, get rid of time-sucking distractions and get more stuff done.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Procrastination & the Root of the Problem 5
Why Do We Procrastinate? 7
We Never Have Enough Time 9
How This Book Works 9
The Easy Way & the Hard Way 11
Step 1: It All Starts With Settings Goals 12
Step 2: Make a Plan To Get You From A To B 17
What is a Plan? 17
Setting a Realistic Timeframe 18
How to Create a Plan 19
Creating Milestones 21
Step 3: Break Down Your Milestones 25
How to Break Down a Milestone 27
Hey, What about Procrastination & All the Rest? 28
Step 4: Eliminate Distractions 32
Start With Your Schedule 32
Making Your Goal Time a Priority 34
Eliminating Distractions 35
A Word about Distractions 36
Step 5: Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway 38
Why You Have Fears And What To Do About It 38
Step 6: Beat Procrastination In 5 Stages 42
Stage One: Identify the Problem 43
Stage Two: Decide If It is Legitimate 44
Stage Three: Look at Your List of Reasons 44
Stage Four: Imagine Yourself at the End of Your Goal 44
Stage Five: Just Do it! 45
Don’t Overextend Yourself 46
Step 7: Get And Stay Motivated 47
Putting It All Into Action – Your Game Plan 53
My Final Words 57

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