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The Next Generation Media Auto Responder Software. Send Unlimited Text, HTML, Audio And Video Emails Automatically.

Plus Brand New Ground Breaking Autoresponder Features...

Make YOUR Autoresponder Emails Jump From The Ordinary To An Extraordinary Using Media Autoresponder Email Software...

No Other Autoresponder Comes Close To What Media Autoresponders Software Has To Offer...

Software And Data is held entirely on your own web site / server.
No Monthly Fees, No Third Party Ads or banners in any of your autoresponder email messages.
Online Control Panel An extremely Easy to use password-protected control panel.
Professional, autoresponder addresses are for professionalism.
Unlimited Autoresponders Unlimited Media campaigns, Unlimited Media follow ups, Unlimited Media broadcasts.
Unlimited Message Length Your autoresponder email message can be as long or as short as you want
Unlimited Message Changes Change, update or edit your autoresponder email messages whenever you want, 24 hours a day.
Advanced Personalization. Merge Unlimited different fields of each subscribers personal information into every autoresponder email message you send.
Signature Files Create and manage multiple signature files in a single location. All email messages where the signature file is used will all automatically change when you change your signature file content.
Autoresponder Attachments Send attachments of up to 1MB with your autoresponder email messages. Send subscribers your company brochure or additional literature.
Audio / Video Autoresponder Email Content Upload unlimited Media audio / video - which will play automatically when the reader opens your Media autoresponder email message.
Automatic Email Format Detector Automatically combine several message formats together in a single autoresponder email message: Plain Text, HTML Audio / Video and AOL Optimized Plain Text. Media Autoresponders software automatically detects which email format a reader can receive and then delivers it to them.
Confirmed Opt-in You may switch your autoresponders to opt-in mode, so that your subscribers must confirm their intention to subscribe before they are added. With the CAN SPAM Law, you need all the protection you can get! (If you transfer a list from another autoresponder service or software - your list does not have to click a confirm link again, as you can switch the opt-in mode off while you transfer / import your existing list).
Spam Complaints Protection IP address and subscription date / time recorded for all form-based subscriptions. Emailed subscriptions have their email header records stored for each subscriber and can be emailed to subscriber as proof of subscription.
Test Autoresponder Email Messages Test your autoresponders by sending all saved messages instantly to an email address of your choice, so that you don't have to wait days before all follow-ups are delivered.
Manual Broadcast Broadcast an email ('a manual follow-up') to your mailing list; you can use this to announce new products, notify your prospects about special offers etc.
Broadcasting To Multiple Lists Broadcast a single email across multiple lists in one go, with automatic exclusion of duplicate subscribers so each only gets one copy of the email message.
HTML Form Generator Copy and place generated HTML code on your website, which will automatically add prospects to your autoresponder. Includes an option for "multiple choice subscriptions" to accept subscriptions to multiple autoresponders on one form.
Automatic Capitalization of your subscriber's name when they complete your subscription form.
Customization of your subscriber-facing web pages such as subscription confirmation pages.
Powerful Tracking Features Helps you determine where your prospects came from.
Active Prospects Lists Edit/remove all active prospects (people who have triggered your autoresponder recently and are in your autoresponder cycle, waiting for all follow-ups to be delivered), you may also add more prospects manually.
Mailing List Shows your mailing list (all people who have triggered your autoresponder in the past, not just the active prospects); you can edit/remove/import entries.
Undeliverable Views a list of emails that were rejected ('bounced-back') by the email system, because for example your prospective customer changed their email address.
Removals Shows a list of email addresses of people who removed themselves from your autoresponder.
Users Online Help Guide Step-By-Step Instructions to guide you, meaning that the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the functions of Media Autoresponders software are never more than a click away.

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