Kaizen Advantage Guide


Kaizen Advantage Guide

Understand the principle of Kaizen & transform your life.

Introduction 5
How to start? 7
Chapter 1 – The History Of Kaizen And Its Effect In The Real World 9
Impact of Kaizen in the real world 11
Chapter 2 – Different Types Of Kaizen 14
Point Kaizen 14
System Kaizen 15
Line Kaizen 15
Plane Kaizen 16
Cube Kaizen 16
Chapter 3 - 10 Steps to Success With Kaizen 17
Step One: Continue Learning 17
Step Two: Continue thinking about how YOU can do Something 18
Step Three: Eliminate Those Excuses 18
Step Four: Never give up and never strive for perfection 19
Step Five: Correct the mistakes 19
Step Six: Don’t forget about your intelligence 20
Step Seven: Challenges are learning opportunities 20
Step Eight: Don’t be afraid to ask “Why” 21
Step Nine: Group thinking is a good thing 22
Step Ten: Kaizen is infinite 23
Chapter 4 - How to Create A Kaizen Culture In The Home 25
Chapter 5 – Kaizen Methods & Benefits 28
Chapter 6 - Personal Kaizen 31
Conclusion 34
Motivating yourself 34
Anticipating obstacles 35
Strengthen any potential weaknesses in your Plan 36
Be YOUR best self 36

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