Fat Burn Secrets Guide


Fat Burn Secrets Guide

Table Of Contents
Introduction: Why Are You Fat? 4
Fat Burn Secrets 1: Fat-shedding Diet Secret 5
Fat Facts 5
Good Fats VS Bad Fats 5
Strategizing Your Diet 11
The Elusive "Secret" To Feeling Fuller, Longer 14
Fat Burn Secrets 2: Fat Burn Mantra & How To Eat Like A Celebrity (And Not Get Fat!) 17
If Your Body Is A Car, Your Mind Is The Engine 17
To Successfully Shed Fat, First Shed Your Negative Thinking! 19
How To Eat Like A Celebrity (And Not Get Fat!) 21
Tips From Celebrity Trainers 21
3 Famous Celebrity Diet Plans 23
Fat Burn Secrets 3: Easy Fat Killer Technique 28
Cardio Workout 28
Low-Intensity (LI) or High-Intensity (HI)? 29
Best Of Both Worlds 29
The Advantages 30
The Killer Cardio Plan 33
Fat Burn Secrets 4: Yo-Yo Effect - The Silent Murderer of Diet Success 36
What’s Yo-Yo Effect? 36
The Causes 37
Yo-Yo Effect Is Dangerous 38
Fight Yo-Yo Effect! 39
Fat Burn Secret 5: Easy Yoga Practice 42
The Benefits 42
Tips For Yoga Practice 45
Fat Burn Secrets 6: List Of Fat-Pumping Food To Avoid 57
Fat Burn Secret 7: Fat Burn Supplements & Detox Plan 73
Dietary Supplement 73
Detoxification 84
Fat Burn Secrets 8: How To Get Rid Of “Love Handles” 95
Women 95
Men 101

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