Facebook Ads Domination


Facebook Ads Domination

The ultimate guide to using Facebook Ads to get more leads and sales.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: How To Get Started With Facebook Ads 6
What Exactly Are Facebook Ads? 6
Why Should You Advertise On Facebook Ads? 7
How To Get Started With Facebook Ads 10
Chapter 2: Getting To Know The Facebook Ads Manager 16
What Is The Facebook Ads Manager? 16
How To Access The Facebook Ads Manager 17
How To Create An Advert On The Facebook Ads Manager 19
A Quick Tour Of All Tools On The Facebook Ads Manager 24
Need Help Navigating Your Facebook Ads Manager? 28
Final Thoughts On The Ads Manager 29
Chapter 3: Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts 30
What Are Facebook Boosted Posts? 30
How To Boost A Facebook Post 32
Key Differences Between Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads 34
When To Use Boosted Posts Instead Of Ads 38
When To Use Facebook Ads Instead Of Boosted Posts 38
Chapter 4: How To Optimize Your Facebook Ad Design 41
Why You Should Optimize Your Facebook Ad Design 41
How To Optimize Your Facebook Ad Design 43
Final Words 49
Chapter 5: Gain Maximum Exposure Using Custom Targeted Audiences 50
What Is A Custom Audience? 50
The 5 Types Of Custom Audiences You Can Create On Facebook 51
What Is A Lookalike Audience? 53
How To Use Custom And Lookalike Audiences To Get More Conversions 54
A Word Of Advice On Custom Audiences 58
Chapter 6: How To Use Retarget Marketing With Facebook 60
The Facebook Pixel’s Role In Retarget Marketing 60
How To Apply Pixel Data For Retarget Marketing 65
Facebook Retarget Marketing Versus Google Remarketing 71
Final Thoughts About Retarget Marketing 73
Chapter 7 - Split Testing Your Facebook Ads For Optimum Performance 74
What Is Split Testing? 74
What Are The Benefits Of Split Testing? 75
Best Practices In Split Testing 77
How To Split Test In Facebook Ads 80
Chapter 8: Boost Your Profits With Facebook Dynamic Ads 84
What Are Dynamic Ads? 84
How To Get Started With Facebook Dynamic Ads 86
How To Create And Start A Dynamic Ad Campaign 90
How Facebook Dynamic Ads Can Boost Your Profits 93
Chapter 9: How To Lower Your Overall Facebook Ad Budget 96
How To Make The Most Of Your Facebook Ad Budget 96
How To Lower Your Overall Facebook Ad Spend 98
Chapter 10: How To Create A Facebook Lead Capture Funnel 105
What Is A Lead Capture Funnel? 105
Why Are Lead Funnels Important? 107
How To Structure Your Funnel And The Right Ads To Use 108
What’s Next After Creating A Successful Lead Funnel? 112

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