Dominate Your Year


Dominate Your Year

The step-by-step guide to finally crushing your goals and reaching new heights.

Table of Contents
Introduction 6
Chapter 1 Why Its Important to Set Goals 8
Setting Goals Empowers You 10
Setting Goals Improves Your Self-Esteem 11
Setting Goals Changes Your Reality 12
Setting Goals is Good for Your Health 13
Chapter 2 Discover What You Really Want 15
Overcoming Disappointment and Setbacks 16
Discover What You Want from Life 17
Wants and Needs 19
How to Discover Your "Big Why" 21
Chapter 3 Decide What You Want in Life 23
Brainstorming Your Goals 25
Your Mind Creates your Experiences 26
Creating the Right Mindset 27
Chapter 4 Create Highly Charged Goals 29
Condensing Your Goals 30
Possible Challenges 33
The Power of Anchors 35
Create Your Goal Anchor 36
Chapter 5 Establish a Deadline for Each Goal 38
Regrouping Your Goals 39
Long-Term Goals 40
Medium-Term Goals 41
Short-Term Goals 41
Set Deadlines for Each Condensed Goal 42
The Power of Affirmations 43
Chapter 6 How To Program Your Mind for Success 44
Programming Your Subconscious Mind 45
Creating Powerful Affirmations 46
Converting Your Condensed Goals into Affirmations 47
Overcoming Negative Thoughts with Affirmations 49
Using Creative Visualization 50
Controlling Your Mind 51
Chapter 7 Plan for Accelerated Success 52
Creating an Action Plan 53
Harnessing the Power of Mind Mapping 54
Create a Mind Map for Each Goal 55
Consistent Daily Actions 56
Chapter 8 How To Be a High Performer 58
Peak Performance vs High Performance 59
Daily Planning 60
Block Out Time for Your Goals 60
Winning Back Time 61
Create a Daily Success Planner 62
Increasing Your Energy and Focus 63
Creating Change in Your Environment Through Action 64
Chapter 9 Overcome Limiting Beliefs 66
Your Achievements Arent Defined by Your Circumstances 67
The Power of Belief 68
Question your Beliefs 69
Overcoming Your Conditioning 70
Changing your Life 70
Uncover and Overcome your Limiting Beliefs 70
Chapter 10 Bringing it all Together 74
Dos and Donts 77
Its Time for you to Make a Decision 78

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