Please read carefully before click the link below!

Since there are several customers request for optional payment method.

The way of this payment is that you deposit $10 per time to my ClickBank account and send me the product name you want.

After that Ii will send the download links via the email.then I will deduct the deposit cash.

If you deposit $10 but buy only $7, it means that you still have $3 left.

Next time, you want to buy less than $3 just do not need to deposit, just tell the product names and wait for the download link via email in about 24Hrs or as soon as i can.

But if you want to buy more than the balance, you will need to deposit another $10 to my ClickBank account.

Now, just click deposit $10 to my ClickBank account!


Wish you all the best!

Ken /

Remark: This is not ClickBank affliate, no one can buy products on this site through any affiliate. Or otherwise, i will not send the download links and you can not ask for the money back on any reason!