Bing Ads Bing To Win ( ebook )


Bing Ads Bing To Win ( ebook )

Your complete guide to succeeding with Bing Ads.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Bing Ads 3
Chapter 2: Why It’s Time to Wake Up to Bing 5
The Massive Opportunity You Can’t Afford to Miss 8
More Reasons That Bing Ads May be Better Than AdSense 9
Chapter 3: How Bing Ads (And PPC) Work 11
Targeting 13
Chapter 4: Creating a Great PPC Campaign 15
PPC and Your Business Model – Selecting Your Budget 16
Designing Your Ads 18
Choosing Your Keywords 20
Customer Lifetime Value and Watching Metrics 21
Chapter 5: Getting Started With Bing Ads 22
Importing Google AdWords Campaigns 23
Setting Up a New Campaign 24
Managing and Tracking Campaigns 25
Chapter 6: Advanced Bing Ads 27
Setting Up Goals 29
Chapter 7: Why SEO for Bing Matters 31
An Introduction to SEO 33
Why Bing Ads and SEO Are a Match Made in Heaven 34
Chapter 8: Your Master Guide to SEO for Bing 35
Point #1 – Bing Likes to Take Things Literally 36
Point #2 – User Engagement Matters 37
Point #3 – And So Do Click Through Rates 38
Point #4 – Social Signals Are Big on Bing 38
Point #5 – Crawl Depth 39
Point #6 – Respect Your Elder (Content) 40
And Now for Some Rapid Fire Differences… 41
Bing SEO – The Next Steps 41
Chapter 9: Extra Tips and Techniques for Better Success 43
Bing Webmaster Tools and More Utilities 44
Some Tips to Improve Your Ad Position 45
Chapter 10: Conclusion 46

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