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Advance CB Paycheck Secrets

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It's time to put your Clickbank checks on steroids!

How to quickly, easily & automatically scale & ramp up your profits.

Attention All ClickBank Affiliates... If You're Sick And Tired Of Your Sites Search Engine Rankings Being Stuck On Lower Google Pages When You Can Easily Be Cashing Insane Amount Of Commissions On Autopilot Traffic, You Need To Read This Letter Urgently...
Advanced Techniques Reveal Fool-Proof Results To Get Insane Google Ranking and Solid Online Traffic... And Beef Up Your ClickBank Checks On Steroids!

When Can I Start Making BIG Money Like The Big Boys?

Advanced CB Paycheck Secrets You Can't Go Wrong With Advanced CB Paycheck Secrets... How To Become A Backlinking Ninja To Top The No.1 Positions On Google Where Most Of The Traffic Are!

Create Your Affiliate Site -> Rank It No.1 On Google -> Get Autopilot Traffic -> Get Sales On Autopilot!

Here's the breakdown in this course:

Video 1 - Why Backlinking is So Important

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsExplains the basics of backlinking and why it is so important to be No.1. In here we demonstrate with an example of entering "click here" on google search and analysing deeper of the no.1 position which is Adobe Reader for this keyword. Here we also demonstrate the way seo traffic is divided in the top 10 and stats have shown, the no.1 spot gets 50% of the traffic/clicks!

Running Time: 07 minutes 00 seconds

Video 2 - Types of Backlinks

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsExplains the PR (Page Rank) term that Google uses to 'value' sites. The two major components of backlinks are Quantity vs Qualitye. Here we introduce to the users what type of links are quantity, such as mass article submissions and what types are quality are like getting links from authoritative sites (.edu .gov) and other high PR sites

Running Time: 08 minutes 34 seconds

Video 3 - Your Competition Analysis Spy Tools

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsOne of the most important factors about SEO is to Know Thy Enemy. In here we introduce some seo competition analysis tools and how to use them in order to know who we're up against. This way we'll get a gauge of what we need to do before spending any efforts at all into trying to rank for our campaigns.

Running Time: 16 minutes 11 seconds

Video 4 - Fast Indexation Tools

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsWhen we publish new content such as new blog posts, articles, videos, podcast or even a new backlink, it's very important to help Google find them as soon as possible. The robots will find them 'eventually', but we can also use PING tools to speed up the process so that it helps surge our rankings faster.

Running Time: 03 minutes 58 seconds

Video 5 - RSS Feeds

Advance ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

RSS feeds are an excellent source for traffic, repeated visitors and more importantly one-way backlink.

Running Time: 12 minutes 11 seconds
Video 6 - Social Bookmarks

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsExplains the concept and power of social bookmark where this is a backlinking strategy to expose your link to a network of people. Social bookmarking sites is an opportunity for your sites to become viral and as a result many more backlinks to your site to help boost your rankings.

Running Time: 09 minutes 21 seconds

Video 7 - Blogs and Forum Commenting

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsA powerful backlinking method where we aim for high PR sites to get backlinks. A secret tool will be introduced to find these authoritative sites and how we can post our comments in these sites and 'keep' them there. Many times people abuse this backlinking strategy and as a result they spam worthless comments and get their links removed and thus effort wasted. In this course you will learn how to do blogs and forum commenting the right way to ensure that your link stays in these high PR sites forever.

Running Time: 20 minutes 48 seconds

Video 8 - Web 2.0 Sites

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsWeb 2.0 sites is a powerful platform that allows interaction between two or more people. These are the type of sites that are in the list of "google's love". Here we'll have a walkthrough on how to create mini pages from these web 2.0 sites (squidoo/hub pages) and how to create backlinks from them.

Running Time: 12 minutes 33 seconds

Video 9 - Articles

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsHere we introduce the concept of 'how to do the work once and get 1000s of backlinks to your sites overtime'. This method is really quantitative vs qualitative. But still highly effective because google will see links being built to our site on a regular basis. But of course, we won't be submitting articles manually. In here we introduce some powerful tools (article spinners and submitters) that will automate the ENTIRE process.

Running Time: 16 minutes 00 seconds

Video 10 - Profile Links

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsDescription: A powerful source for PR4-9 back links that's guaranteed to help you surge up the search engine results. You can ranked the no.1 position just by focusing on this 'one' method alone.

Running Time: 11 minutes 22 seconds

Video 11 - .Edu and .Gov

Advance ClickBank Paycheck Secrets.Edu and .Gov backlinks are highly valued by Google. These type of links have been known to multiply the value by 25x over regular pages with the same PR! So 1 PR1 .edu link is equivalent to 25 PR1 regular site. These type of links are hard to come by but we introduce a secret code to show you how to find a list of them.

Running Time: 10 minutes 09 seconds

Video 12 - The Link Building Plan and Keeping It Organized

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsAs you've learned there are many ways to build links and it can get overwhelming. Here you will learn how to organize a link building matrix to follow. Re-emphasis of the importance of automating the process using tools because backlinking is just hard labour. Alternatively, you may also outsource to sites like digital point and warrior forum.. and closing of course.

Running Time: 07 minutes 03 seconds

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