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Adult Dyslexia

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Now learn some of the most useful tricks around...Discover Tips and Tricks for Beating Adult Dyslexia!

Learn to manage your symptoms and feel more confident!

1) Managing your dyslexia with no hassle

Learn various tips that come directly from people that suffer from dyslexia and hear how they've managed to live with their symptoms. Learn how to find effective methods for making your life easier and less of a hassle. Each tip has been proven again and again to work with people of varies types of dyslexia.

2) Feel more confident

It's now also starting to be understood that dyslexia can be a state of mind. Learn various ways to put yourself in a state of relaxation in order to better handle a task that has been presented before you. Learn the most effective ways to stay relaxed and calm while still staying focused.

Chapter 1 What Is Adult Dyslexia?
What Causes Adult Dyslexia?
What Are The Symptoms Of Adult Dyslexia?
Chapter 2 What Strengths Do Dyslexic People Have?
Chapter 3 How Do I Know That I'm Dyslexic?
Screening tests
Comprehensive tests
Comprehensive testing by a psychologist
Comprehensive testing at a distance
Chapter 4 Where Can I Be Assessed?
What Help Is Available If I Find Out I Am Dyslexic?
Chapter 5 Is Specialist Tuition Available?
Can Modern Technology Be Used To Help?
Chapter 6 Compassion For People With Dyslexia
Chapter 7 How Can I Afford The Help Available To Me?
Chapter 8 Stories From Others With Dyslexia
Chapter 9 Tips To Help With Adult Dyslexia
Chapter 10 Tips and Help In Remembering Numbers
Chapter 11 Confusing "B" and "D"
Chapter 12 Spelling And Grammar Tips
Chapter 13 Using Color While Dyslexic
Chapter 14 Tips At Work Or School
Miscellaneous Tips
Chapter 15 Other Resources
Chapter 16 Conclusion

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