A Mindful Moment


A Mindful Moment

Quick, efficient, and effective meditation techniques for people on the go.

Introduction 5
Chapter 1 – Meditation: What, How, and Why? 8
Meditation Is All About Getting Back In Touch 10
Meditation’s Power Lies In Its Focus On The Present Moment 11
Why Meditate? 13
Dial Down Your Personal Drama 15
Get Focused By Achieving Perspective 17
Chapter 2 – Preparing To Meditate 19
Do This First: Find The Time 20
Second Step: Get Your Mind Right About Meditation 21
Keep The Following In Mind 23
Don't Make Things Harder on Yourself With Unrealistic Start Dates 25
Pick A Start Date You Can Commit To 26
Chapter 3 – Simple Meditation Techniques 27
Method 1: Waking Single-Focus Meditation 27
Step 1: Select A Location Where You Won't Be Distracted Or Disturbed 28
Step 2: Sit For Maximum Comfort 28
Step 3: Keep Your Eyes Open 29
Step 4: Eventually, Let Your Eyes Relax And Settle On A Single Object 30
Step 5: After You Have Selected A Single Object, Thoroughly Observe It 30
Step 6: Revert Back To Normal Consciousness 32
Chapter 4 – Observe Your Breathing – Method 2 34
Step 1: Select the location where you won't be distracted or disturbed 34
Step 2: Sit Comfortably 35
Step 3: Slowly Shut Your Eyes 35
Step 4: Take 3 Deep Breaths Quickly
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Step 5: Observe Your Breathing 36
Step 6: Shift Your Mind's Eye To The Air Going In And Out Of Your Nostrils 36
Step 7: When You Get Closer To The End Of Your Meditation Session, Allow Your Breaths To Get More Shallow And Faster 37
Chapter 5 – Quick Transcendental Meditation 38
Step 1: Select The Location Where You Won't Be Distracted Or Disturbed 40
Step 2: Sit For Comfort 40
Step 3: Slowly Shut Your Eyes 40
Step 4: Deep Breathing 41
Step 5: After You've Relaxed Enough, Focus Your Mind's Eye On Your Exhale 41
Step 6: Focus On Your Mantra 42
Step 7: Slowly Unwind Your Mantra 43
Conclusion 44

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